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Once when I was kid, in elementary school, I was very eager to go to school wearing my green track-suit bottoms with my black shoes. My mom didn’t like it at all, these shoes with those trousers, really? I didn’t care that much and I carried on with that style. I used to look at myself in the mirror and think that I was wearing something very cool and that no one else was wearing. Sponsored by nobody.

Obviously they laughed at me a lot , but I was happy: even if in that moment I looked down, I actually felt unstoppable.Over time I understood that fashion corresponds to different moments and ways to see yourself. Perhaps that is why the temporality of a person’s style can be seen repeated over decades, giving continuity to that character that, consciously or unconsciously, we are creating. Hence, only time will tell whether you are right or wrong.

Fashion of the nineties, in the pre-internet era, didn’t have any prejudice or follow a very clear stereotype. Young people were mixing trends and brands without identifying with a specific group of society as they do now.

Everything was freer and in this freedom more eclectic styles started to emerge.

Styles in which wearing a jacquard shirt with a hoodie, a knitwear with sweatpants or choosing a bigger size than your own ,didn’t matter.The kids in the neighborhood went with the flow; they probably unconsciously shared codes, but they were not uniformed. You could feel the influence of the aesthetic symbols of the Parisian ghettos, even if it was not that explicit.

GOODIES represents the evolution of this. Our parents could only  afford something that resembled to garment that they liked, but times have changed in so many ways  and now we can afford it… Depending on nobody, no face, without distribution.


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Direction & Photo: Luis Rubiera

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GDS 2019.

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