For our most athleisure drop to date we wanted to return to the authenticity of the streets and black and white. Goodies Sportive returns to the neighborhood, home, with their loved ones. And who doesn’t know someone who smokes?

Hence, Social Smokers Club was born, from that constant dialogue between different people, with different fears or different vices, but wanting to start conversations and find common ground. This is not just for the friend who goes out to the terrace of the bar with you to continue talking while you smoke, it goes further: it goes for those who manage to strengthen ties and being of different races, cultures or classes.

They are the black and white, then, the protagonists. The total duality of both coexists in our garments with staples that go from the most casual to the most formal, intermingling naturally. The Harlequin knitted sweater with stonewashed wide leg denim is the clearest example of the versatility of the streets and the mix of layers and layers of our culture, but in accessories such as the Jacquard knit scarf and the heavy weight tote bag We can also perceive that eclecticism of the neighborhood.

Whether you smoke or not, Social Smokers Club is for you if you move out of your waters or, as the trend is to say now, if you step out of your comfort zone. Going further, breaking stereotypes and creating dialogue is one of the things that inspires us at Goodies Sportive and, to celebrate our first birthday, we want to honor those people who, metaphorically, left the club and swallowed cigarette smoke to continue with a talk that was worth more than everything.


Photo: Luis Rubiera (@rubiera)

Direction & Production: Tatami (

Talent: Julio Herraiz (@julioherraiz)

Muah: Catarina Pinto (@itslapina)

Social Smokers Club.

Goodies Sportive 2022.

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