• Spring / Summer 24

    It's hot, it smells like popcorn and waffles, We're at the summer fair. The 24 Spring Summer Goodies Sportive collection is inspired by popular summer parties, and in that feeling of wanting to hang out with your friends in the open air in summer on those days when the sun goes down at 9:00 p.m. [...] More
  • goodies sportive fw23


    Back in the game...It’s been a couple months since we released our SS23 collection and ever since that day we were already looking forward to release this FW collection. Being patient is not an easy road, but it's part of the process. Last time we spoke we were happy to be able to locate the [...] More
  • ATHLEISURE POUR LE QUARTIER collection by Goodies-Sportive

    Athleisure pour le Quartier

    It's Summer and it doesn't matter if you have been able to get in shape or not, we bring you the collection you need to be the envy of the festivals. As always, at Goodies we bet on looks halfway between comfort and elegance, with different options of fabrics, colors and prints. All joined by [...] More
  • Social Smokers Club

    For our most athleisure drop to date we wanted to return to the authenticity of the streets and black and white. Goodies Sportive returns to the neighborhood, home, with their loved ones. And who doesn't know someone who smokes? Hence, Social Smokers Club was born, from that constant dialogue between different people, with different fears [...] More
  • Goodies Sportive Studio 54 TFR

    Goodies Sportive x The Feeting Room: Studio 54

    A couple of months ago our colleagues from The Feeting Room suggested that we do a collaboration together inspired by the emblematic STUDIO 54 club, and try to do it our way. For us it has been great, being able to be part of this project and transmit this Athleisure that we like so much. [...] More
  • back to school

    Back to School

    Holidays are over and it's time to get back to work. It is inevitable to get  nostalgic and remember going back to high school, with those new clothes that we chose wisely all throghout the summer to wear them during the year. Now is the time to go back to college. To our college. This [...] More
  • Olympic Games

    Olympic Games

    We present our most ‘sportive’ collection ever. With Olympic Games we want to offer our vision of what the ideal uniforms would look like for an Olympics Goodies. Continuing with the tradition of the Olympic rings and the union of cultures that they represent, we offer a series of garments with prints inspired by the [...] More
  • New Kids on the Block

    New Kids on the Block

    Let's go back to the beginning, to the basics. New Kids on the Block. That really matters.  Let's forget just for a moment, all the things you don't need in your day to day ... Imagine that we go back to the pre-internet era and that you inherit the old clothes from your older brothers, [...] More
  • The Union Lookbook

    The Union

    Arab culture gave, gives and will shape European culture from the beginning. Moreover, without much of the iconography and myths of Arab cultures, perhaps there would never have been a Europe. For this reason, with this drop we want to pay tribute to roots that, in one way or another, have remained in the background. [...] More
  • goodies-african-vibes

    African Vibes

    We could talk about Venus, the Turkish Empire, about Camaron’s famous hand tattoo or many embroideries incountless flags. A lot of artists used these primary colors to expand their imagination and launch an original message. This piece is all that: the assimilation of symbols by youth through culture. The crescent moon and the star, carry [...] More
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