• Big poster of Mac Miller on a building

    Sportive Journal – Fuckin Mac miller

    The first time I saw Mac Miller I told my mate that he was super wack. What an asshole. He was a kid, starting his career. I saw him with his cap, his polo shirt and his Nikes talking about frozen pizza and who knows, I guess I saw myself and I felt sick. But [...] More
  • Sportive Journal – Bauhaus

    BAUHAUS: AESTHETIC FOLLOWS FUNCTIONALITY Sometimes the line between design and art is very fine, I guess. The biggest difference between both would always be functionality. I mean, although both disciplines are linked to a certain craft and totally linked to the aesthetic, design has to fulfill a function and art does not. A painting by [...] More
  • Goodies Sportive Spotify

    Chauen Playlist

    For this Social Smokers drop we have prepared a small playlist of some songs that help you get into a calmer mood surfing your own wave. To start the year calm and relaxed, and to continue it as it should be, don't forget to subscribe to our Spotify channel, because this 2022 will come loaded [...] More
  • Detail The Union picture

    Making of “The Union”

    For a long time, we wanted to enter this world of 3D design, but we were looking for the perfect moment and opportunity to do it in the best way. From here, we want to take a shot out of our friend @Sonntag_fx for preparing all this with us, in such a pure and organic [...] More
  • Portugal cover

    Portugal Playlist

    For a long time we have wanted to make a small playlist with all the Portugal music that we have listened to this last month. It would be impossible to put everything in a small playlist, so here we have put our favorites to share with all of you. More
  • Spotify 03 Cover

    Dubai Playlist

    We've been locked up for so long... we wanted to show the world our Caliphate Collection, it's our vision of a uniform for a public school. To inspire ourselves we have been listening to a lot of new wave R&B, if you are bored at home and want to listen to romantic music this is [...] More
  • Dhaka

    Dhaka Playlist

    It's cold, it smells musty. We have compiled a list of classics that have served us to inspire us in our daily lives and to design the garments for the next drop. Old but gold, the classics never die and it reminds us of what we were doing when we discovered each of these songs. More
  • Rabat

    Rabat Playlist

    We are on the beach, ¨Mojitos and Gummies¨. When we were preparing the Merch collection for our brother Cruz Cafuné, we needed to feel the essence of the islands, the heat of the sun in the Middle East. We need longer vacations, but the good life doesn't pay our bills :( More
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