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Holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work. It is inevitable to get  nostalgic and remember going back to high school, with those new clothes that we chose wisely all throghout the summer to wear them during the year. Now is the time to go back to college. To our college.

This is for those who made it to college and those who didn’t; for those who finished it and the ones that dropped out. This is our campus. We want our people to be ready for any moment: classes, sports and parties. That’s why we offer a a small drop with garments based on the pre-internet era that characterizes us.

We can go from the most sporty to the most formal: first we have a looke focused on those rough P.E. classes, with a t-shirt, hoodie and shorts; then we have a more casual look designed for those boring math lessons, and  finally,  the crown jewel the intarsia knitted sweater with a perkins neckline and the “graduated” G on the chest, in an athleisure style to show off during the ceremony. 

At Goodies we don’t believe in first or second chances, we believe in making it. No matter the studies, the contacts, and the means: the main thing is the attitude. That is why we want to celebrate our graduation: whatever the results we have achieved. Goodies Sportive is back for good.


Goodies Sportive
Goodies Sweat
Goodies College

Photo: Luis Rubiera (@rubiera)

Direction & Production: Tatami (

Jewelry: @apreels_

Talents: Juanto (@jttrece)

Back To School.

Goodies Sportive 2021.

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